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To find an article

Simple search

Enter a few title words and/or author names and/or abstract words into the "Search or Article-id" box in the top right of most pages (including this one). The pull-down menu that defaults to "All papers" may be changed to restrict the search to titles, authors, abstracts, or extend to the full-text.

If you know the identifier (or archive and paper number)

All arXiv submissions are assigned a unique identifier of the form yymm.nnnn (or arch-ive/yymmnnn for older submissions). To retrieve the abstract page a paper simply enter the identifier in the "Search or Article-id" box in the top right of most pages.

You can also construct the URL (web address) for a paper with a given identifier as http://arxiv.org/abs/<identifier>. For example,


From the abstract page you will be able to choose your preferred format for downloading and viewing the paper.

Advanced search

Using the web interface, you can search for articles based on archive subject area, title, author, keywords in the full abstracts, etc. You are encouraged to try it out.

Historical note

The email interface to retrieve and search for papers was disabled on 1 April 2007.