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          RSS news feeds for arXiv updates

          Daily updated RSS news feed pages are available for all active subject areas within arXiv. The URL for each category (whole archive or subject class) is constructed by appending the category name to http://arxiv.org/rss/. For example, the URL for the RSS page for the Computer Science archive is http://arxiv.org/rss/cs.

          News feeds are also available for individual subject classes of archives that have subject classes. A specific subject class is selected by appending a period (.) and the subject class letters to the URL. For example, the URL for the RSS page for Mathematics -- Quantum Algebra is http://arxiv.org/rss/math.QA.


          By default arXiv links within the RSS pages are to the main site. You may optionally specify a parameter mirror=fr, where fr is the country code of the mirror links should point to (France, fr.arxiv.org in this case). The complete URL thus becomes http://arxiv.org/rss/cs?mirror=fr.

          By default the RSS output complies with the RSS 1.0 specification. The optional version parameter may be used to specify alternate RSS versions. Versions 0.91, 1.0, and 2.0 are supported. This parameter may be combined with the mirror parameter. For example, http://arxiv.org/rss/cs?mirror=fr&version=0.91 requests RSS version 0.91 output with links to the French mirror.