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          arXiv Scientific Advisory Board

          arXiv's Scientific Advisory Board is composed of scientists and researchers in disciplines covered by arXiv. The Board provides advice and guidance pertaining to the repository's intellectual oversight, with a particular focus on the policies and operation of arXiv's moderation system. The Board is governed by bylaws that detail its duties, composition, and operation as well as the election of its members.

          Current Board members are:

          Subject Advisory Committees

          The physics, mathematics, computer science (CoRR), quantitative biology, quantitative finance, and statistics archives each have advisory committees, which are overseen loosely by the Scientific Advisory Board. The chairs of the physics, mathematics, computer science, and quantitative biology advisory committees serve as ex officio members of the arXiv Scientific Advisory Board.

          Former Members of the arXiv Scientific Advisory Board

          The current Board, and Cornell University Library, would like to express appreciation to the following former members of the Scientific Advisory Board, for their contributions to arXiv's governance and success.